Workpiece Weight

find etimated workpiece weight

It is important to determine the weight (m) of the workpiece to continue with additional calculations.

Holding Force

We need to know holding force for handle workpiece

The suction pads not only have to be able to carry the weight of the workpiece but must also be capable of handling the acceleration
forces. These may never be neglected in a fully automated process.

Vacuum Cup Diameter

Choose right vacuum cup diameter

The holding force of a suction pad depends on its effective diameter. The condition of the workpiece and the number of suction pads
are also crucial for the holding force that a vacuum system can generate.

Vacuum Hose Diameter

Important to use right hose in vacuum system 

The vacuum hoses are selected to match the size of the volume flows as well as the size of the suction pads. 

Evacuation Time

The entire volume that has to be evacuated is required

The evacuation time of the entire system very important for use in system. The system is cost-optimized and efficient, shorter cycle times are possible.

Suction Capacity

How to choose suitable pump

The diameter of the suction pad determines the suction rate that a vacuum generator has to apply to evacuate the suction pad and another equipment.

Theoretical Force

force in cells

Force in each foam cell can make us know about holding force to handling workpiece.

Number of Hitting Cells

depend on workpiece width

Number of cell to hitting workpiece make us know for how many gripper for use parallel to handling workpiece.

Parallel Grippers

for handling workpiece

Use force and number of hitting celll for calculate parallel gripper

Pitch and Size

for save cost and find right foam pitch

The foam pad molds to the shape of the product to be picked up. The surface of the product can be flat, rounded, twisted or the texture can be rough, porous, molded or even open from the top…